Pink Aurora

Client: Pink Aurora
Brief: Branding

Jess and Eva came to us with many loose ideas for their logo but couldn’t bring them all together into one design route; they wanted their ideas brought to life as one robust and modern design. After discussing the nature of their business, the idea behind their name and how they wanted to stand out among other Website Design and SEO Agencies. Of course, we were eager to start designing! The client wanted to incorporate the effects of an aurora within the logo while still maintaining a modern & sleek look. After looking at inspiration from the northern lights and Auroras, we did what we do best and let our creativity do the work.

We delivered several designs to Jess and Eva, and they loved the sharp style aurora in the chosen design. While keeping the font very modern and bold, we feel the finished design still has a quirky feel to it. We also created top-quality business cards for Pink Aurora, which impact whoever they are handed out to.

Jessica Darnbrook

“D3sign Yard did an outstanding job creating an incredible brand we didn’t even know we were looking for. Starting a new business is never easy, but with Charlotte’s help, we had all our branding done within a short space of time. All we gave Charlotte was a name, and from that, she drafted numerous incredible ideas. It was difficult to decide, but eventually, we chose our fantastic brand! ”

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